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Project Night Terror is a 3D, first person, horror game that focuses on the themes of death, depression, and terror. The game is a single player, story-driven experience that has the player searching for answers while fighting demons and exploring different levels. Project Night Terror is based around and inspired by ghost stories, real locations, and both real and fictional events focused mainly in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. Such locations include Camp Gilwell, an old Scout camp believed to be haunted by the original owner's wife; and Fort San, a century-old sanitarium said to be haunted by deceased patients, nurses, and doctors. Players can expect to encounter demons, ghosts, and other unearthly beings as well as thought-provoking story elements as they progress through the game.

Please note that some levels and some links may lead you to unfinished areas :D


F flaslight

P pause menu

I item/ingame menu

Left Click (with rifle found/equipped) fire

1 unequip rifle

2 equip rifle

R Reload

E Pickup collectables/upgrades

Install instructions

**Currently only for Windows**

1) Download the Zip File

2) Extract the contents 

3) Open the exe file called ProjectNightTerrorW

This is in the main file structure. You do not need to go into the other folders


Project Night Terror.zip 813 MB

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